>With His Name, the Most High!

>In Your Name, The Most High, My Lord, The One!

“Allah is the Light of the Heavens and the Earth.” Holy Qur’an

All Praise due to You, The One, The Light.
All peace due to our Prophet, Muhammad, his family and sincere companions and the martyrs of Islam, the ones who gave their life to keep Your Name up high.

My Lord, nothing higher than You.

My Lord, you have no son, no daughter, no competition, no associates,

My Lord, you do not need any of those.

We are the ones in need.

The eyes are amazed by Your Glory.
The tongue is frozen by Your Merci.
The ears are shocked by Your Pure Names.
The hands are shaking in thanking Your Grace.
The feet are weak in standing in Your Light.
The heart is troubled by Your Love.

My Lord.

All Glory is Yours.

The eyes that shed tears for other than You, let it be blind.
The tongue that mentions other than You, let it be mute.
The ears that hear other than You, let it be cut.
The hands that reach other than You, let it be short.
The feet that stand for other than You, let it be crippled.
The heart that loves other than You, let it be broken.

Without You, My Lord…
The gardens are gray.
The birds don’t fly.
The sky is not high.
The heaven is an illusion.

Without You, My Lord.
Friends are enemies.
Sugar is bitter.
Honey is poison.
Food is hunger.

Without You, My Lord,
The sun is nothing but a dark spot in the sky.
The moon is nothing but an insult to the night.
The stars are nothing but little stains in the dark.

Without You, My Lord,
Water is not clear.
Life is full of fear.
Eyes have no tear.

My Lord,
The One,
The Compassionate.

With You,

Poison is medicine.
Fire is cold and peaceful.
Ocean is open and dry.
Broken hearts are healed.
Ccrippled feet run towards You.
Sshort hands try to reach You.
Tears try to say :
“Can I meet You?”

With You,
Life is full of meaning….

My Lord!

Do not leave us to ourselves.
Do not leave us alone.
Do not leave us among these wolves.
These who have no gift but deception, no friendship but betrayals, no words but lies.

In this darkness,
In the jungle of desires,
Do not leave us alone

Hold our hands,
or else we shall fall,
and fall
and fall
and fall

Glory to You.
Even though we do not deserve it,
be with us

Who else other than You?
You are The One.

Would You leave Your slaves who are calling upon You day and night?



Glory to You

You keep your promises

It is us who break them

Glory to You

Do not leave us alone.


2 responses to “>With His Name, the Most High!

  1. >Salaamu alaikum…Mashallah that is such a lovely piece. The words have crippled me.The tears can not stop flowing. I look forward in reading more…Thank you for sharing it.

  2. >Thank you for your comment. Please come back, and visit http://writers.oneummah.net

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