>Allahu Akbar!

>The Kingdom of flaming Sun,
The Flaunt of magical moon,
The Majesty of glamorous Stars,
The Glory of splendid mountains,
The Splendor of prime clouds,
The Pride of soaring Trees,

In humiliating submission,
They plunge
In humbling prostration,

Mankind gathered,
With Jins,
Joined hands
with all creatures

Ink was made of oceans,
Pens were made of every tree,
Pages were made of every leaf

Every crystal of sand,
Joined the effort:

They wrote:
Glorifying You,
Thanking You.

The inks finished,
The trees vanished,
The leaves exhausted,
Crystals burned,

The words of Praise did not fulfill
the Praise You deserve,

The Praise,
did not add to Your Glory!

In shame, defeat, humility
All submitted,
bowed and
to Sajdah they dived,
“Lord! Forgive us.
Whatever we do, we come short to what You deserve!
Your Glory and Magnificence is Greater
than we ever can achieve

Allahu Akbar!”


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