>Crescent, Before It Sets!

>It was a strange dream. It felt so real. Perhaps, it was not a dream. Maybe it happened when I was too young, and I remember pieces of it as my memory tries to put the broken parts together like a crumbled mosaic.

He packed his bags, nothing much in it really. Some books, water, and a pen.
He took the bag on his shoulder, it seemed heavy on him, although not much in it.
“Heavy on you?” I asked.
“Yes, the books contain Truth!”, he replied with a smile.
It was none of my business, but I had to ask, and one question lead to another:

“Are you going somewhere?”
“Well, where?!”
“Heading West.”

He never talked much. It was hard to get information out of him. Communicating with facial gestures, eyebrows and smiles seemed to be the only language he knew.

“West, where?”
“The other side of Mercury, catching the crescent before it sets.”
“I don’t understand.”
“You’ll know, when your heart grows up.”
“When you come back, tell me about your journey”
“I’m not coming back”
“Then I must come with you or see where you’re going so that I can catch up with you when I grow…”
“No”, softly with a smile, “It‘s too dangerous“, he paused, dropped his head down, went into a deep thought, “but I can show you the way”
I was excited, thinking that when I grow up I can go where he’s going, and meet him again.
We walked together. It was a short walk.
We reached a road, it seemed it was heading to a desert!
“This is going nowhere!”, throwing my hands in the air in disappointment.
“This is how it seems, don’t let the appearance fool you.”
“Oh wait! I can see flowers on this road”
“No. Careful! Those flowers have poisonous thorns.”
“At least I can see some trees, with shade”
“Don’t get too excited, under each tree, there is a snake”
“Tell me more about this path”
“Well, my little friend, when your heart grows up, you have a choice to take this path, or stay home where you are.”
“I said, tell me more about this road”
“Your only shade, is the sun.
If you see a traveler, careful, it will only slow you down.
On this road, loneliness is your only companion.
The birds are mute, no chirping can be heard. Only the whispers of the devils.
If anyone offers you water, beware! It is the master-deceiver of this path.”
“Who is master-deceiver?”
“ He rides a horse, bigger than an elephant, and a black dog accompanying him, bigger than a horse.
He shows compassion but intends harm.
Speaks of peace while drinking blood.
Claims humanity while decorating his throne with human skulls.
His face is covered with a brown hood. He hides his face, because if you see it, you can see falsehood written all over it.
If he offers water when you’re thirsty, just throw the water at his face.
The master-deceiver is a weak one. Don’t let the size fool you.
He is weak, and deceives the weak.
So, be strong.”
“How can I get strong?”
“With the pen, like the one I carry.”
“What if I’m thirsty?”
“Take water, like I did”
“What if I get lost and master-deceiver offers direction?”
“Silly! That’s why I have the books.”
“Tell me. Is this journey worth it?”
“Yes. It leads to the Beloved. Hundreds take this path.”
“Hundreds? That’s not too many!”
“Yes. The grateful lovers are small in number”
“Why are YOU taking this path? Seems too dangerous.”
“I have to, I am the guide, that‘s my job.”
“You are the guide?” I asked in shock.
“Yes, you look surprised.”
“Well, are you qualified?”
“That’s not up to me to decide. What makes you think I‘m not qualified?”
“Well, age for one thing. Such a road, with so many creeps and dangerous weirdoes, heck! You got to have some experience.”
He looked at me and smiled.
It was then when I realized that this man was not in his 20s like I thought.
He was so old. In fact, so old that his skin was turning green! But his spirit was so young that it overshadowed everything.
I got confused, dazed a little. Even started getting a headache.
He interrupted my thoughts:
“You’re not ready. When your heart grows up, you can take this path.”
“How can I find you?”
“If your heart is grown, you will find me.”
He looked at the road, took a deep breath:
“This.”, pointing to the road, “Is the path of Love. When you take this path, be prepared for the worse, and have courage.”

His words stopped and his steps carried the talking. Never seen such sincere steps.
So he went, on the road, to be found, by hundreds of lovers to take this path.

And now, I’m waiting, for my heart to grow up, so that I can take that road, find him, and get to the crescent before it sets.


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