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>The Debt

>Oh Allah!
You sent Your best Creation, Muhammad, countless blessings & peace upon
him & his household. You sent him with the clear message and told him to
deliver it, he obeyed.
What a great Mercy you bestowed upon us.
He was fearful, frightened, shivering under his cloak. You told him: “O you who are clothed! Arise and warn, And your Lord do magnify”
Allahu Akbar!
Without hesitation, he stood up against oppression. His beautiful face injured by enemies’ stones. His feet bleeding, his head wounded, his heart broken. Yet, he persevered, for that You ordered: ” To this then go on inviting, and go on steadfastly on the right way as you are commanded”.
So, he indeed went on steadfastly: “My Lord! Guide my people, they just do not know.”
He lost Khadija.
He lost Hamza.
They gave them a choice: accept wealth and position, or face persecution.
He rejected all wealth and power, even if the wealth were the Sun and the Moon.

You gave him the choice: Wipe them out completely and start fresh.
Glorified are You!
The mercy You granted upon us refused to curse his own enemies.
Glorified are You!
Another gentle Isa.
Another strong Musa.
Another wise Solayman.
Another fair Dawoud.
Another daring Ibrahim.
Another patient Nuh.
Another enduring Ayyub.
Another grateful Adam.
Such is the greatness of Your creation, Muhammad.
Peace and salute upon him & his household.

Our Lord!
All Praise due to You alone.
You are One & Unique, as taught by Your final messenger.
You are most Merciful & Just as explained by Your beloved prophet.

He then lost his hometown. Lost his comfort. Lost his sleep. Lost more and more loved ones. All for You, and all to give us a chance.

What would be the reward of such a great man?
Such a great Mercy?
Such a great bounty?
What is the price of all the trouble he went through to give us the good news of Heaven? And to warn us of the pains of Hell?
You are all-knowing.
You said with Magnificence: ” That is which Allah gives the good news to His servants, (to) those who believe and do good deeds.”
and then You commanded with Glory: “Say: I do not ask of you any reward
for it but love for my near relatives” and You then promised with Might: “..and
whoever earns good, We give him more of good therein; surely Allah is
Forgiving, Grateful” (42:23)

Oh Allah!
Ali, Fatima, Hassan, Hussain.
Love for them, a price for all the trouble Prophet went through?
What an expensive price, my Lord!
You witnessed it all, oh Allah!
Is this how Your Mercy is treated?
Love? Love for whom?
For Ali? Against whom all swords raised from Syria to Medina?
This is how they rewarded Your greatest bounty?
Ali. Whose name still offends people.
Especially when uttered by his followers.

Ali. Ali. Ali.

Whom Your Gift, Muhammad, said about him:
“Ali is with Truth. Truth is with Ali.”

Those who killed Yassir and couldn’t wait to kill Ammar,
Children of those who chewed Hamza’s liver and couldn’t wait to chew Ali’s,
Those who used to sharpen sword against Prophet,
and now Ali,
They banned Ali’s name and cursed him on Fridays.
Glorified are You!

What about the rest whom Prophet adored dearly?
And commanded us to love?
Fatima? Who died in mystery and buried in secret.
Hassan? Who was attacked and poisoned.
Hussain? His head cut off, carried on a spear. From Karbala to Syria.

Is this how they paid their love for the near relatives?!

Glorified and High are You.
The Lord of the Universe.

Then, my Lord,
They forbid mentioning their names.
They forbid following their steps.
They forbid commemorating their love, sharing their pain, explaining their mission and teaching them to our children.
Remembering them is “bida”.
Shedding tears of love for them is “haram.”
Loving them is “shirk”.
My Lord!

Their enemies want them dead.
They want their memories dead.
They want their graves unmarked, names unmentioned, teachings forgotten.

But how could someone put off a light which You started?!

Glory be to You.
To Your Glory, There is always hope.
No matter how they label us, we know our duty to pay the only reward that You asked for Your Prophet.

Glorified are You!
You commanded us: “Say: I do not ask of you any
reward for it except love for my near relatives” (42:23) and You also said in
Your beautiful Book: “Say: I do not ask of you any reward for it except
that he who will, may take the way to his Lord” (25:57)
Indeed, I bear witness that I will “take the way” to You!
O Allah! I bear witness there is no god but You.
That Muhammad is Your messenger.
All blessings upon him & his household.
Help us pay this great debt.
Help us love his household with understanding their life and mission.