Monthly Archives: September 2005

>The Blank Page

>I gathered my pen
and paper to join as well

In a journey
that would never end

As I put my pen
on paper,
it broke
into pieces

The paper,
into dust
joining the smoke
of my desperately
burning candle

Neither the pen
nor the paper
could handle
the audacity of baring
what I had to write

The flame of candle
shivering, flimsy
almost dying

“My dear flame!”
I begged…
“Not you! Don’t leave me in the dark.”
but to no avail,
The flame did not
tolerate my rudeness
and chose death
over my offensive choice

So here I was alone
Just me
my thoughts,
an agonizing company
my desperate words

But I needed to
accomplish the task

So I found a new pen
a new page of paper
and a candle to lit

But wait?
Only one page?
One pen?
And one lousy
flame of a candle?

“What am I about to write?
Am I for real?”

I tried to get a hold of my thoughts
“But how in the world
am I going to
accomplish this task?
…this writing?”

No. Never.
No paper would ever be sufficient
No pen would ever have enough ink
and no candle would ever have enough capacity
to describe
The sacrifice
The effort
The sincerity
The purity
The love
The dedication
The faith
The trust
The knowledge
The wisdom
The leadership
The glory
The beauty
The kindness
The honesty
The justice
The firmness
The warmness
The light
The courage
And the strength of

The Makki
The Madani
The Hashimi
The Quraishi
The Messenger
of the Lord of Universe
The best creation
The Mercy to all worlds

Abul Qassim Muhammad!

My thoughts ripped into pieces,
My words broken apart and shattered
and my plan, up in smoke

So here I am alone
just me
my paper
my pen
and my candle
with no words
Not even enough tears
to tell
of his glorious

the candle not lit
the pen not used,
and the page,

Remains blank,

Just the beat
of my heart
in submission:

“Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa aali Muhammad”