>Fruit of Sajdah

>Shall I tell you of my only visitor, my only companion?

I never hated and liked someone at the same time.
But, I do hate her, for that she makes me tired.
But then again I like her,
she provides me comfort.
She is clear and pure.
She is a traveler and many times I miss her.

Glorified is My Lord! The One who created this friend for me.

She is part of me. Never leaves me alone when I’m in pain.
Who is she?
She travels all the way from my heart, to pay me a visit.
She travels through my liver, to my heart, through my throat, silencing my scream, telling me: “Don’t yell…you’ll be fine!”
She does not let me shout.
Through the throat,
to my eyes.
So clear is she.
So adorable,
so cute!
In my eyes, she twirls around and tries to wash the sorrows.
Then to my eyelashes,
it’s a comforting dew,
hanging on,
holding tight.
But then she does not understand.
So I hate her.
She makes me tired and embarrasses me.
“Leave me alone” I try to tell her.
But then, being with her is much better than loneliness.

So she jumps on my cheeks. And looks at me amazed.
Looks into my eyes, trying to understand the problem.
“Why so sad, Alidost?”

What a confusion, for both of us.

So I try to explain:

“My dear tear. Leave me alone.
But if you do, whom should I talk to?”

She tries so hard to wash my sorrow and to cheer me up.

My Lord! What a gift You have granted.
Thank You.
You are the Merciful.
Save me from my tears without taking her away!

I don’t want her! For that She tires me.

I need her, for that in Your Light, she creates rainbows on my face.

My tear, my only visitor, the fruit of my sajdah to You.


2 responses to “>Fruit of Sajdah

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