>Thus Believers are Saved

>As your fate prepares a twister
Twisting thoughts and plans
Allied with your enemies
Throwing darts of tests and tribulations
Fireballs, arrows and tricks
Not to worry!

Have Trust
The Trust that Ibrahim had
Such Trust shall turn a fireball of tribulation
Into comforting cool peace

When you are chased
With unforeseen difficulties
And you have no where to run
Have Courage
The Courage that Musa had
Such courage shall break dry paths
Into deep seas of trouble

When blades of hardship are after you
Have Passion
The Passion that Isa had
Such passion shall turn a cross
Into steps towards the Heavens

When the ones you trust
Turn against you
Have Hope
The Hope that Yusuf had
Such Hope shall save you from the depth of dark wells
Into the heights of royalty and dignity

When you are stabbed
With obstacles
One after another
Without any break
Losing everything
The endurance that Ayyub had
Such endurance will multiply
what you had lost
replacing them
with the same and greater ones

When whales of regret
Swallow you into darkness of remorse
Have Dua
The Dua that Yunus had
Thus you shall be saved

When you’re overcome by loss
Tears blocking your sight
Complain your sorrow
To your Lord
The scent of Love shall save you
Light shall come to your eyes
As it came to Yaqub
From the scent of Yusuf

When fear, uncertainty and deceit
Join forces with evil, disbelief and lies
All attack at the same time
Have Faith
The Faith that Muhammad had
Such Faith shall bring you great victories
Greater than
having the Sun on your right hand
having the Moon on your left hand

By sending countless blessings, salutes, and highest regards and prayers upon Muhammad and his household, defeat the darkness that has engulfed you, swim out of the storm, hold on to the Rope of Allah, and stay with the Ark.

You shall be saved!


One response to “>Thus Believers are Saved

  1. >Mash'Allah!! Beautiful words…wonderfully written…..thus "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. " ~ Helen Keller …

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