>When Two Islams Collide

>When the Sun sighed,
and the Moon mourned,

When the wind wailed,
and the mountains moaned,

When the stars sorrowed,
and the skies cried,

When the trust trashed,
and the faith failed,

When the angels angered,
and the devil dared,

It was then,
The sinful weapons
were raised,
With the name
of the Greater Guide,

By the shrewd cunning
worst of all mankind

With the Islam of this world,
and a plan of greater divide,

Evil spirit under the banner
of Muslim power and pride,

Fraudulent and dubious flag
with sword and deceit allied,

In the heart of heat
in distant desert,
in waste of water,
to Allah’s friends,
thorn supplied

To the thirsty throat,
blade became the bride,

Evil swords broken in defeat,
by Seventy Two blood side by side,

No fear, no regret, no delay
when Noah�s vessel is the ride,

The Light of Allah – the Almighty Guide,
The Islam of Ahmad , Mercy to mankind,
Shall rise –
Faster than flood tide –
When two Islams collide.


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