Meaningless Hajj

Go ahead and circle the cube under the shadow of tyranny, circle it 7 times, stay at lux hotels with all you can shove in your fat face buffets, then go to Arafat and pray like a blind sheep, spend $6000 or even $10,000 to run between Safa and Marwa like a lost cat while your orphans can’t even afford drinking water.

Go ahead and buy yourself some Sajjadah made in Taiwan by some factory kid who doesn’t see daylight but is happy with a salary equal to the price of your shoes. Then bring back that Sajjadah and tell us how it is from Mecca and somehow holy!

You go ahead with that Hajj, as for my Hajj is that of Prophet’s beloved grandson who knew Hajj better than anyone, who cut short his Hajj to oppose tyranny. That is my Hajj:Karbala, Bahrain, Tripoli, Ryadh, Jerusalem, Gaza are my Hajj.

You go ahead and circle the cube so many times until you get dizzy and drop dead. I will stay here to spend my breath, my money, and my effort to fight tyrants and dictators.


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