What situation is of Osama bin Laden now?

When the Kharijites had camped for a battle against Imam Ali, one of the Kharijites started reciting Qur’an with a very beautiful voice. A man came to Imam Ali with doubts asking: “Are we to fight this guy?” Imam Ali answered in confidence: Yes, we are to fight against these people.

The next day when the battle was over and the Kharijites were defeated, Imam Ali called the man who was questioning the mission. As the soldier approached Imam Ali, the Imam pulled a dead body with spear from mud, maggots and filth. He then pointed and said: “This is the man who was reciting Qur’an with a beautiful voice last night. This is his state in this world, and his state in hereafter is much worse!”.

So I wonder, after so much pain, confusion, and suffering that Osama bin Laden caused on Muslims and non-Muslims, and after his abuse of Islam, Qur’an, and Sunnah … what is his status now?


2 responses to “What situation is of Osama bin Laden now?

  1. mashAllah nice post. Do you have the source of that story?

  2. I read it in a book, sorry that I don’t remember the name of it. But it’s popularly accepted.

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