Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Path


You told me to take this path
with complete Trust
that this Path is the only way
out of this dark jungle

So You told me to walk, even if solo
with total confidence
that this walk is the only journey
I need to take, to meet … You

I yelled how can I
You said: you can!

I set foot on this road
and You turned it into an angry sea

I said: I’ve already tasted a thousand drownings
You said: not enough!

I asked for Noah’s Ark
You sent a hurricane and said: Don’t fear!

 I asked for friends, helpers, companions.
You sent a 100, and each had a gift of
a dagger thrusted in my back

I asked for stars and direction
You sent dark clouds over me and said: Move on!

I asked for a guide, a leader …
You said: You’re it!

 In regret, in fear, in agony, in pain
I yelled: Help me.
You said: Help yourself!

I said: Why me?
You said: your own choice!

I said: I want out.
You said: Back to the dark jungle?

I said: this storm, my bare feet and these thorns
You said: complain more

You teased me with the calmness of
the eye of this hurricane

You shut every door I found
every shortcut
every calm sea
sunk every rescue boat
burned every ship

Here I am sinking
down deep in the ocean
just to discover
the majesty of Your glory
the pearls, treasures, and wonders
that are deep down,
not on the surface
not at any door
but here, deep in this abyss
which You lit
with Your Mercy

Now that I see
Now that I feel
Now that I look back
I yell: why not sooner?