Ten things that are wrong with American Muslim Mosques and Organizations

1- The concept of Volunteering and working for free.
2- The concept of an Imam being an employee or even a freelancer (instead of a leader)
3- Thinking that a mosque should be run like a country (democracy, dictatorship, and other similar dumb discussions)
4- Emphasis on worldly matters; little focus on the consequences in hereafter.
5- Underpaid staff (if paid anything at all), drawing unqualified and underpaid people to manage an organization.
6- Mosque as a cultural oasis rather a place of worship, hence the in-fightings: the goal is not necessarily worshipping God, it is to push one own’s agenda.
7- Intolerance towards other religions and sects of Islam. A mosque would never allow Christians celebrate Christmas. However, there are plenty of Churches that allow Muslims hold Friday and Eid prayers.
8- Run mostly by sectarian bigots. Self-proclaimed “progressives” versus traditionalists. Shias versus Sunnis. Old school versus new school. Sufi versus Salafi… it never ends!
9- No flexibility in management, boards, etc.
10- Board members lack experience in religion, non-profit, and running organizations.

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