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Some facts, not known about Karbala’s tragedy

1- Imam Hussein did not rise up to fight, and he did not declare war. He simply responded to a letter to go to Kufa and address injustices. He said it clearly that he is only leaving to Forbid Evil and Encourage Good. For this reason, he took his family with him.

2- Imam Hussein explained to Yazid’s troops about who he is, he made it clear who he was and what were his plans. He did not start any fight. For this reason, Hurr (a high ranking commander in Yazid’s troops) left his post and joined Imam Hussein.

3- Hurr was not the only person who changed his mind. Others who changed their minds were executed.

4- To the last minute, Imam Hussein tried to have a truce and told them to hold back. But he did NOT agree to their terms which was accepting Yazid as a Caliph (ruler).

5- The women in Imam Hussein’s tents fought and defended themselves and defended the children, some were martyred.

6- Zainab, Imam Hussein’s sister, saved Imam Sajjad’s life.

7- Zainab, Imam Hussein’s sister, played a major role in continuing Imam Hussein’s message.

8- Imam Hussein was known for being gentle, compassionate, calm, generous, and forgiving.

9- Imam Hussein’s daughter, estimated to be 4 or 5 years old, wept over his father’s murder. But her words were so strong that it shook many soldiers and made them regret what they did. She died of her wounds.