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Ten things that are wrong with American Muslim Mosques and Organizations

1- The concept of Volunteering and working for free.
2- The concept of an Imam being an employee or even a freelancer (instead of a leader)
3- Thinking that a mosque should be run like a country (democracy, dictatorship, and other similar dumb discussions)
4- Emphasis on worldly matters; little focus on the consequences in hereafter.
5- Underpaid staff (if paid anything at all), drawing unqualified and underpaid people to manage an organization.
6- Mosque as a cultural oasis rather a place of worship, hence the in-fightings: the goal is not necessarily worshipping God, it is to push one own’s agenda.
7- Intolerance towards other religions and sects of Islam. A mosque would never allow Christians celebrate Christmas. However, there are plenty of Churches that allow Muslims hold Friday and Eid prayers.
8- Run mostly by sectarian bigots. Self-proclaimed “progressives” versus traditionalists. Shias versus Sunnis. Old school versus new school. Sufi versus Salafi… it never ends!
9- No flexibility in management, boards, etc.
10- Board members lack experience in religion, non-profit, and running organizations.

10 Reasons why I’m Unmosqued



Unmosqued” is a documentary film covering how Muslims in the US stop coming to mosques, especially the youth. I haven’t seen the documentary because it keeps getting screened at mosques – this irony alone speaks volumes of mosques’ disconnect.

Many cite masjid politics or control freak “uncles”. as the reason why people stop coming to the masjids. However, here are the reasons why many of us don’t:

1- Most of them are influenced by Saudi propaganda and Salafi poison.

2- Not enough room for women and no accommodation for children.

3- Demotivating and uninspiring imams and preachers. Even the rockstar ISNA preachers seem to have more time for Facebook and Twitter than actually dealing with real community issues.

4- Imams and preachers who are not approachable.

5- No spiritual experience. It’s mostly about mechanics of prayer or potluck or a speech about a topic we’ve heard a million times.

6- No where to park.

7- Even if you find a place to park, some “brother” blocks your car and you’ll get late for work.

8- Youth gathering events are more like speed-dating events.

9- Closed and locked doors (needs no explanation). Has an operating hour like a coffee shop!

10- Majority of mosques in the US are poisoned enough by Salafi hate that minority Muslims such as Shias and Sufis can’t go without getting harassed.